R.I.P the ‘Kardex’

If you are a ‘newbie’ in matters libraries, you might have to google the word kardex to know what this really is. Guess what? Myself i had a clue, but i still had to google it!

Although i have been working in libraries for almost ten years now, i must admit i have seen a kardex a maximum of one time, and even then, i never got enough interested to find out how the dinosaur of serials management in libraries used to work. Just this week, i received an inquiry from a public library that intends to implement a system that can manage it’s ‘Kardex’. This got me cracking. In this age!?

Recording of serials is among the very important functions of a serials department. It helps in controlling the in-coming serials, claiming the not-received and missing issues, and answering inquiries regarding the current holdings of the library. Koha ILS Serials module completely eliminates the need for a manual Kardex.

Koha ILS Serials module manages everything required of serial processing that traditionally required a Kardex: date stamp, call number, plastic indicators, missing issue slips, duplicates, titles on display, removal from the reading area, reprints, separately cataloged items, titles not in the Kardex, invoicing, withdrawal of cards, filing, back issues, damaged journals, errata and information sheets, and notes. RIP ‘Kardex’

My response on the ‘Kardex’ enquiry: please don’t get me laughing, unless you are setting up a museum, just don’t mention that word. — B. Mugambi


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