Finally Koha 3.2.0 is here

Koha-community (on

22 October 2010

) announced the release of Koha version 3.2.0, Stable. Finally!

Koha version 3.2 is not just a bug-fix (although it fixes atleast a thousand bugs tracked through the beta and alpha releases) but a complete new release of Koha with exciting new features that will transform most of the previous functionalities of Koha. The new changes include improved permissions handling in the administrative module, where many granular permissions have been added, Circulation module has now been integrated with sounds (to the chagrin of some patrons :)). BUlk editing of biblios, is obviously a big plus for cataloguers, with the ability to view records on Opac mode from the administrators angle. And self-check out is now a reality in Koha 3.2.0!

A big plus for the installation part is the packaging of Koha in Debian Squeeze, and that will definitely increase the number of new Koha users in no time, because nothing has been difficult to newbies like running a flaw-less initial install of Koha.

There is much more in Serials, Cataloguing, OPAC, Staff Interface and so on.

Here are the Complete Release Notes

You can Download the Stable Release Here


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