Koha Harley release + 3.0.6

Liblime – PTFS announced last week the release of Koha 3.0.6 Koha harley which is based on the earlier 3.0.1 version. But with several bug-fixes plus over 50 features that PTFS has developed for clients and several bugfixes created by other
developers in the Koha community. These features have been tested over several months by PTFS customers and are stable. Some of the PTFS-developed features are already in head or have been sent as patches and are awaiting inclusion; others are now released as individual branches to be integrated into head. The Harley version is designed to make these features available to any site who wants them before the full integration takes place.
This document has notes and screen shots showing how to configure and use the new features. It does not include details on every bugfix included in the release (some were cosmetic or minor), but does include significant ones.Some of these features have seen parallel work by other developers and will need to be
reconciled with the release manager before integration into head.

You can download the new complete version at koha.org main website. or click here

At the same time, Koha Community announced the release of koha 3.0.6 an official release of version koha 3.x and it has over 100 patches to fix bugs and enhancements. More information and downloads is available in the koha community website

More information on this release to follow. – Benson


3 Responses

  1. I think you misunderstood, PTFS/Liblime have released Harley. The Koha community have released 3.0.6.
    3.0.6 follows the previous stable release 3.0.5.

    Harley is a completely different release and contains the PTFS code.



    • Thank you Chris for that correction. I’ve just realized the coding is different from the a test-run i am doing. Upgrading from 3.0.4 to harley seemed like downgrading, with lots of issues with DBD::Mysql, eventually no search returns despite re-indexing zebra several times. So 3.0.6 should allow a seamless upgrade from 3.0.x. I’ll have to clean everything and start afresh.

  2. Hello

    Kindly some one just guide me to install koha 3.0.6 on fedora 13.I am trying to install previous 10 days but some time it completely install but when i try to access show on localhost:8080 configuration problem.I am facing problem to install yaz and zebra.Some one kindly guide me i am very tense and my job just depend on this project.Plz help me.contact me at my email id arooj_ahmed@ymail.com

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