Good News : Koha Content CD for offline Installation

Prashant and krishnan have put together all the requirements for setting up Koha 3 on Fedora where there is no Internet connectivity.The content CDs contain all the dependencies and allows you to install Koha on the fly even without Internet connectivity

For more information and to order for the CDs go to


2 Responses

  1. Hallo,

    I am working on Koha just like you, am an IT Officer at the National Library Service of Malawi.

    I tried to install Koha on Ubuntu server 8.0 Linux the installation Process was fine but it doesnt download info from the Library of congress, the i tried SUSE 7.2 Prof. this one could only warn me that installation inst possible, Now I have installed Fedora 8. and i downloaded Koha 3.0.0 so please help me by sending me an installtion manual so that it should prevail, I’d have Debien downloaded but We have internet problems.

    Your asstance will be highlly apprecieted.

    Martin Chikafa

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